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Welcome to Nwice.com

Hi, welcome to nwice.com

Future home of the Sean Connery whirling dervisher.

presently working on:

Using requirejs, jquery, autobahnjs and server side python twisted, xvfb, qtwebkit, dynamo db, cloudfront, ec2, s3

Website of Kevin James McIntyre, software developer living in California.

Scewpt Inbox indisposible email

See morning google QT opencv avconv mashup

Extends my python twisted learnings from gardenpath.

I've found python fun because it's range across the stack, meaning it can sniff packets, manage ssl/tls, handle events, and 'be' in the cloud with relative ease.

Follow the WSOP pokertalon.com - Poker's claw

Splash page to upcoming HTML5 blackjack app blackjack4all

My android applicaton built using AndEngine and ADT/Eclipse.

Download Nwice Card at Google Play.

An HTML version of War! and Cat's Game Finder hosted on Amazon's CloudFront.

Source code at github.

Barapp is a web application utilizing spring & hibernate.

Source code at github.

pdf word

Generated with FOP, XML/XSLT, and Maven.

I'm currently on the job market.

Source code at github.

Recently started scripts repo;
bash utilities, cheatsheets of common calls, starter blanks


Barapp is a web application utilizing spring & hibernate.

Source code at github.

Email me at kevin70@yahoo.com or kebin70@gmail.com.

Cell: 718-249-5058

Skype Handle: kebin_70

yambaby Green Tea Fan.

Find professional information and source code to projects I've released at github.

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